"Hi Damien, HUGE THANK YOU to you and the rest of the band! Absolutely loved ALL of the music and so many people were asking about you guys - I've shared your details. Hope you enjoyed it and thank you! Best wishes, Christian."
– Christian Brown, 1 October 2021, wedding in Lago Maggiore, Stresa, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Italy


"Funky Fresh is a very good group of musicians, they created a warm and friendly atmosphere for my party and I couldn’t be happier!”
– Eliette Rigallaud, 30 August 2021, birthday party in Bordeaux, France


"Great concert last night at B11 club in Bordeaux! The musicians are fantastic, and their Michael Jackson tribute was excellent - they really conjured him up!"
– Aurore Trentedeux, 27 May 2021, club event in Bordeaux, France


"Funky Fresh is an incredible group full of energy that makes you travel in time. Take the time to come and listen to them and dance on their music!"
– Galmiche Didier, 14 September 2020, wedding in Bordeaux, France